Phosphate / Mining

The three major methods of hauling materials in phosphate mining include pumping, trucking, and transporting using conveyer belts. Hudson Pump provides and services liquid handling equipment including pumps, cooling towers, feeds and more for the mining industry.



  • Flash cooler pumps
  • Filter feed
  • Phos acid filtrate
  • Evaporator/circulator pumps
  • Pond water pumps (vertical or horizontal)
  • Rock slurry/ball mill discharge pumps
  • Screen feed
  • Condensate pumps
  • Acid transfer pumps (Sulfuric & Phosphoric)
  • General sump
  • FSA pumps
  • DAP slurry feed
  • Anhydrous ammonia pumps
  • Molten sulphur pumps
  • Boiler feed
  • Cooling tower
  • Gypsum tailings pumps
  • Water jack
  • Seal water
  • Plant sump
  • “Slicer” pumps
  • Field hydraulic pumps
  • Plant process water supply
  • All reagent yard pumps
  • Slimes pumps
  • Sand tailings pumps

About Phosphate Mining

Phosphate is a limited resource. It cannot be replaced. As land is farmed the soils become nutrient deficient and must be replenished in order to produce. Therefore, most of phosphate mined (90%) is used to make fertilizer; the remainder is used to make animal feed supplements, and additives in such products as toothpaste and soft drinks.

Source: Manatee County